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Puberty to Period starter kit

Puberty to Period starter kit

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Introducing our Puberty to Period Starter Kit – the perfect companion for young individuals embarking on their puberty and menstrual journey! 🩸

Our puberty to period starter kit is designed to empower young teens and tweens with knowledge, confidence, and resources necessary to navigate through this crucial stage of their lives.

 🌟 What's inside?

- A Cycle Tracker to understand your unique cycle.

- A Cycle Diary to help track symptoms, feelings and emotions. 

- Hot Water Bottle for comfort during cramps.

- "Puberty to Period" Guide Book to answer all your questions.

- A Door Hanger to discreetly signal parents when you need supplies.

- A Travel Case for your school bag period preparedness on the go!

- Communication and Visual Cards for easy conversations.

- A Bracelet as a reminder of your strength.

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